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"Gernelle really sets the bar for how a photo shoot is supposed to go! I enjoyed every minute of working with her and the pictures came out amazing. Book a session with this talented and awesome lady, I promise you won't regret it!"

— A. Solomon

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Girls are the perfect combination of princess and warrior

Parents tend to capture their daughters when they are newborns and two years old. Then, when she's a senior in High School, they start thinking about having her photographed again. But what about all those years in between?

Little girls get bigger every day. That's why it's Sweet Girl's mission to capture every stage of girlhood during the years that commonly to undocumented on into adulthood. Every year, we’ll capture your daughter's personality, birthdays and hobbies in style. One day she'll be grown. Will she be able to look back at herself as a tween? Will she see photos of herself with you in them?

Moms are notorious for taking photos of their kids but not with their kids. Sure, there's that family photo you took for Christmas but what about being photographed with just your little girl? If many of us look back at the photos of our childhoods, we'll discover that we don't own many (or any) photos of just us with our mothers past the age of three. This is the problem, Sweet Girl Photos is the solution.


Thank Heaven for Little Girls

Every year of a girl's life is a treasure. Today she put on lip gloss for the first time. Tomorrow you'll look up and she'll be a young woman. Be sure to capture her at every age of her childhood by booking a lifestyle session with me every year. Contact me today and I'll help you document every stage of her development in fun authentic ways. We'll create wonderful memories and amazing images that you and your little girl will cherish for a lifetime. After all, photographing girls and women is my specialty.


Let’s Chat Over Coffee (or Tea!)

Now that you’ve had a chance to see what I can do for other girls and women, let’s find out what I can do for you or the sweet little girls in your life. Text 972-364-7815 to get the ball rolling and I’ll get back to you asap!

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