About Sweet Girl Photos

 I love working with women and girls! Positive self image, love and giving is the heart behind the Sweet Girl Photos brand.

Sweet Girl, Sweet Story

One evening, while I was feeling especially nostalgic, I pulled out a bunch of old family photos. As I flipped through the prints, I noticed something was missing. I started scanning every image, searching but never finding what I was convinced had to exist. Out of the scores of pics I flipped through, I couldn't find one childhood photo of just me with my mom. Not one! Sure, there were plenty of group family photos with me and mom there but there wasn't one single image of me as a little girl with mom that didn't include other people. The realization that I'd never be able to make this a reality hit me like an 18 wheeler. Mom was usually the one holding the camera. All hopes of seeing me and mom together when I was 3, 7, 12, those were gone.

Thinking about my own story, I wanted to create a brand that focused on capturing the bond between mothers and their daughters. If you're a mom, I urge you to do something fun with your daughter, one on one, and have the moment photographed. Get in the frame so your baby girl will be able to look back on her childhood and see you with her. Make the most of every moment you have with your kids individually and collectively. Your presence is so important. Over time, these photographs with you will become your children’s greatest possessions.

While I was envisioning Sweet Girl, I also wanted to create opportunities for women to design their vision for how they want to be photographed. Women, myself included, want someone to guide us during the shoot so we don't have to pose awkwardly on our own, all the while feeling unsure. We want to feel safe enough to try something out of our comfort zone on camera. We want our daughters to feel beautiful, courageous and creative in front of the camera. I believe every age and stage of a girl's life should be celebrated. That's why Sweet Girl Photos captures girlhood.

I love photographing women and girls.

Women get inspired by beautiful places and stylish outfits. We care about the little details. We love making simple moments special for the ones we adore. Sharing our time, space and stories with others is how we connect. My mission is to capture these connections.

Showing off your new wardrobe at the Japanese botanical garden in Fort Worth. Jumping in the pool with your husband on the first day of your honeymoon in Los Angeles. Having brunch with your best friend in Austin. Holding your child in your arms on a calm afternoon at home. These are real moments, where love flows freely between people. These are the moments I capture for my clients.

If a lack of confidence in your appearance is keeping you from booking a session now, please find encouragement in what I’m about to share with you. In a world full of photoshopped perfection, strive to love and accept your imperfect self. Your value isn’t determined by your age, dress size, skin tone, hair length or the number of followers you have on social media. You are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image. No one on this Earth shares your unique DNA, your renaissance spirit or your enduring smile. You’re a designer’s original, a masterpiece. Take ownership and walk in this truth.

Gernelle Nelson: The Woman Behind Sweet Girl


I’m Gernelle Nelson, a full-time lifestyle photographer on a mission to bring people closer together, one experience and photo shoot at a time. I’ve been photographing people since I first picked up a camera in 2007. I’m a proud honors graduate of Jackson State University. I use my graphic design skills and decade of experiences to give people like you fun portrait experiences you can’t find anywhere else. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. 90% of my diet is plant based and most of my wardrobe was purchased from consignment shops.

I’ve been married to Brandon, the most wonderful man in the world, since October 1st, 2011. He’s the one who encouraged me to step out on faith and leave my corporate job to pursue my dream full time after starting my LLC in 2015. Now that I’m a full-time photographer, my dream is to become fluent in three languages, accomplish debt freedom by age 34 and travel the world with my husband on a regular basis.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about me, tell me about you! Interact with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you’re not a social media person, let’s get together for a meet and greet. I love networking and making new friends.

 Sweet Girl Photos creates photography for mothers and daughters! Our mission is to bring women and girls closer together through photography and community.

What Women are Saying About Me :)

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sweet Girl Photos behind the scenes as her MUA and then recently in-front of the lens. I'm no model, in fact,
I usually feel really awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera.

But Gernelle gave me effortless direction that made me feel more comfortable and within 10 minutes way more confident.

She is so friendly and makes everything flow seamlessly. She really lets you be the focus in the most easy way. She has excellent turn-around time, getting your photos to you while you're still excited. I love working with her and loved my personal branding session experience!"

Sakura J.